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  1. Spring Boot Actuator + Dropwizard + Cloudwatch

    Exporting spring boot metrics to cloudwatch may not be that straightforward. Since I've done that for my project, I will show how we can do it easily with the help of a couple of libraries. First, spring boot is using its own metrics mechanism. The first step to do that…

    spring boot, spring actuator, actuator, dropwizard, metrics, cloudwatch, dropwizard metrics, aws

  2. AWS Eb CLI (v3): How to fix ssl_wrap_socket error in Debian Jessie

    This is the first time I'm deploying stuff to elasticbeanstalk, and when I'm trying to deploy my private project, I realized the eb cli I download is the version 2 and has different syntax. I installed the version 3, and it seems like it can only be installed using python…

    debian, problem, eb, aws, elasticbeanstalk, eb cli, jessie, python, ssl_wrap_socket