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  1. Adding New Currency in Java 8

    If you are using the java.lang.Currency as part of your entity, most likely you are already regretting it now. Most of the time, a currency is a three letter word, and we don't need the logic to be bundled in there. Keeping things simple and mapping these currencies…

    byr, byn, java currency, java multi currency, java, currency data format is incorrect, error, elasticbeanstalk, ec2, patch java

  2. AWS Eb CLI (v3): How to fix ssl_wrap_socket error in Debian Jessie

    This is the first time I'm deploying stuff to elasticbeanstalk, and when I'm trying to deploy my private project, I realized the eb cli I download is the version 2 and has different syntax. I installed the version 3, and it seems like it can only be installed using python…

    debian, problem, eb, aws, elasticbeanstalk, eb cli, jessie, python, ssl_wrap_socket