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  1. Adding New Currency in Java 8

    If you are using the java.lang.Currency as part of your entity, most likely you are already regretting it now. Most of the time, a currency is a three letter word, and we don't need the logic to be bundled in there. Keeping things simple and mapping these currencies…

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  2. Event Driven Architecture

    Why do we need it? In the early stages of the development, event driven architecture is not needed since everything is still small and could still be contained in one place. Unfortunately, as the system grows bigger and bigger, putting everything in one place is not a very good way…

    java, programming, eda, event driven architecture, stream, event, tech

  3. The Difference between For-Each Loop and forEach()

    People who have played enough with the brand new Java 8 will be familiar with the new forEach(fn(x)) loop in lambda. This syntax is quite popular among developers because it's easier and prettier to use than the normal For-Each loop. It is also popular in other languages, especially…

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  4. Java 8 - Turning off SSL Certificate Check

    There's usually no good reason to turn off SSL certificate check. So this is actually wrong in many ways, but maybe we're still developing in an isolated dev environment and somehow the dev machine of another application you're depending on only allows SSL connection even though it doesn't have a…

    java, java8, ssl, https

  5. Java Application Server is dead, so is Docker?

    So lately, a lot of people in my circle is talking about why java application server is dead. The reason why is explained in the slides here. Basically what I get is that because nowdays people only deploy one artifact in one application server, it beats the point of the…

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