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  1. Event Driven Architecture

    Why do we need it? In the early stages of the development, event driven architecture is not needed since everything is still small and could still be contained in one place. Unfortunately, as the system grows bigger and bigger, putting everything in one place is not a very good way…

    java, programming, eda, event driven architecture, stream, event, tech

  2. Hibernate Soft Delete and Optimistic Locking Problem

    Sometimes, in the database, we will want to not delete stuff because the data might still be needed later. Maybe some other process in the company will have to generate an invoice by the end of the month. That's also one of the reason in my workplace, why there won't…

    java, programming, hibernate, java-ee, soft-delete, optimistic-locking

  3. AngularJs and VideoJs problem: Video only loaded on hard refresh, not on switching page

    So I was working on a private project with angular js and video js, and I am loading videojs dynamically after I got the source of the video, and there's this very interesting problem where videojs will only be loaded only if you hard-refresh the page (f5-button). If you navigate…

    programming, javascript, angular

  4. Factorial function of 10000!

    I have a friend who asked me to teach him Java programming. About a few days ago, he told me : Programmers should work fast and efficient. Please give me a task which has a time limit. I'm not used to fast programming. The part about fast and efficient is always…

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