Rowanto Luo

Just another blog. or log.

The point of this blog

Some people are wondering why I set this website up. It even has two domains, and, and all of these domains are pointing to this single blog. Very unuseful. Not to mention this blog rarely updates. :)

Well, to answer that question, and to be quite frank and simple, there's not really much point in this blog. The first time I started this blog, it was actually only for posting some tutorial regarding pc related stuffs which my friend asked me to do. Yes, because I was lazy and actually got a little annoyed when various people asked me to show them how to do or have the simple stuff I've shown a lot of times. So this blog just made life easier, and from time to time, I will post some personal stuff as well, as a mean to express myself without the actual need of a reply or being listened to (because 160 characters is often just too short, if you don't understand, don't ask me).

All of the things that I just told you is the thing that is visible to the eye, and everybody knows that it is not very clever when we only believe on what we have seen with our eyes only (example: oxygen, cold, air, or your brain :)). One of them is, I actually use this website for storing my data at when I need it. So, if I had to do a presentation, I will upload all the data there first, then when it's my turn, I don't need to copy stuffs or take my laptop or anything, I just open the browser, and point it to my website, download it, and run. This blog is hosted with Bihira, and it costs $2,5 monthly. It is very cheap considering it has 25GB of storage and unlimited bandwidth. I can have my personal cloud file server. It also has "CPanel" which will make the life of all not-so-technical-guy easier. By the way, this is no promotion, it's just an expression of my satisfication with Bihira and I'm not paid to write this. I am sure this website has set some certain limit that will slow itself down when the limit is reached, but I never reached that and am quite satisfied :)

The fileserver stuff is not everything. Every project of my school which requires php or ruby or anything else (which is generic), I host it here. One example is, it's password protected because it's for private use only. But it's my finished project for my "Multimedia Engineering II" module in my university. I also used to have, which used to be a staging or qa environment of until I deleted it (because I think we don't need complicated set-up for a not so-big-and-yearly-updated website).

Other than the hosting from Bihira. I still have my private server at my home and an amazon EC2 Instance (it's also a host like Bihira, but I have complete control). The domain is tightly bound with Bihira, and the domain is bound with GoDaddy. doesn't have any host. It's real job is to point to where the stuff is at. points to this blog. points to my private server, there's also (these two urls might went down any moment). But there's something special with the Row2x domain, it will only point to this blog when the request is a normal website access request, for everything else, it will point to the amazon EC2 Instance. And there is where I put everything which can't be hosted in Bihira, like a git-server, or a nodeJs application. I also have a cdn (content delivery network) in which is powered by Amazon CloudFront and S3. Usually I use this if I need to share a very big file, like a long full hd video which I need to let people stream somewhere, or sometimes a full zip of a project.

So, I don't know if you're still with me, but you don't need to get all these stuffs (who cares anyway? :D). The point of this blog is simply so that this domain won't be empty. Now that I have this post, next time someone ask me, maybe I'll just point him this post ;)